Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sewing again!!!

Crazy Nine Patch

Everything is unpacked, set up and I am sewing again! It feels soooo good!
Lot's of projects have piled up since the move. I have started working on my 
- Orange, White & Khaki quilt
- 3x6 Quilting Bee blocks
- Katie's June SNTMVQB Block
- 3 different skirts ( it is hot here in Texas and I need some skirts to wear!)

I finished my Paint Box quilt before we moved and finally took photos of it last week.

Paintbox Finished
I love how it turned out. I did really simple straight line quilting on it. Just enough to highlight each of the blocks.

Paintbox Back Finished
I love my square Color Wheel back!

Paintbox Block & Binding
This is my favorite block. I love how the Owl is looking out the window. I liked the gray print fabric so much that I used it for the binding. I like how it picks up all the colors in the quilt. The "little bug" that made it into the shot likes it too.

I only have 3 blocks left to receive from my SNTMVQB group. As soon as I get all of them I will take photos. The ones I have received so far are Beautiful!!!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Yeah! I'm glad to hear you are sewing again. I always feel as if something is missing inside me when I can't sew! I love the orange block at the beginning of your post! I hope you can make it to he DMQG meeting on Monday. It will be fun to meet you in person!