Friday, March 26, 2010

Orange & White Craziness

I finally started on my Orange & White quilt this week. I have been collecting O&W fabric for a while but wasn't sure just how I wanted to work it into a quilt. Then I saw this wonderful tutorial on Oh, Fransson's blog for a Crazy 9 Patch Lattice Quilt and I knew it was perfect! Since I wanted a quilt bigger than the one in the tutorial I just added a couple of more rows to it. I have 45 of the 72 blocks made. 

Orange & White Crazy 9 patch blocks

Orange & White Crazy 9 patch blocks

I will also use a Kona tan as my solid blocks. 

I just don't like using a lot of white in my quilts. Does anybody else feel that way?

Hopefully I will get the rest of the O&W blocks done this weekend.
Then next week I will start sashing the Paintbox Owl quilt. 
I love it when I have projects to work on!

Everybody have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Picture Wednesday - Paintbox Squares Finished!!

I know, I know, I have been slacking off on my blogging, but making Hexagons has taken over my life! I have also been organizing and spring cleaning in my sewing room.
I did finally finish my Paintbox quilt-a-long squares. All 80 of them. I love, love, love how they turned out! I also love the layout I decided on. I will be using a Kona Charcoal to sash them with. I am hoping to get the quilt top finished sometime next week.

Paintbox Quilt along blocks finished

Paintbox Quilt-a-long Blocks on grey

Next I will have to figure out what to do with the back. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Picture Wednesday - Addicted to Hexagons!

Yes, I am now addicted to making Hexagons! Thanks Texas Freckles and everyone else in the quilting/blogging world that kept talking about how easy it was. I blame all of you for this new addiction! 


They are so much fun to make! It is the perfect project to work on while you watch TV. I have made about 40 of these little beauties so far and have a lot more cut out. 

It's amazing how much cuter the fabric looks when it is in a hexagon shape!


I want to make a lap quilt and with good timing, Melanie at Texas Freckles is starting a hexagon charm piece-a-long.

This will be a long project! I think I am going to go about it in "blocks". Make a 7hex x 7 hex block and then put them together. Hopefully this will make the project seem less "big".


I almost have my first row stitched together!
I will keep posting my progress on this quilt.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Now go out and drink some green beer!

Friday, March 12, 2010


I finished my first "getting paid for" quilt. The Stacked Coin quilt came out beautiful but I was not happy with the photos I took of it today (very cloudy here) so I will not be posting photos yet. I will see if I can get some better photos before I ship it out next week. 

I have been seeing a lot of my fellow quilters working on hexagons. I wasn't sure I wanted to try it until I read Melanie at Texas Freckles Blog. She had done some research and had links to other blogs on ways to make them. Apparently they are very addictive! So I have decided to give it a try. I picked up some 1.5" pre-cut hexagons at the quilt show last weekend. This will be my weekend project while I catch up on some TV shows.
If I become addicted - I am blaming Melanie! LOL!


I also worked on a few more Paintbox Quilt Along blocks. Only 28 more to go. Now I will have to decided on a sashing color? Charcoal Grey??

More Paintbox Squares

Don't forget that Target launches their Liberty of London line this Sunday!!! You know what I will be doing on Sunday!!
Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Picture Wednesday - Quilt For Sale!!

This beautiful little gem is now for sale in my Etsy shop!

This cute and girly quilt is made up of bright designer cotton fabrics in a modern pattern. The back is a simple square block in Turquoise Kona Solid Cotton and a beautiful Kaffee Fassett Aqua floral print. Machine pieced and quilted using 100% cotton batting. The Turquoise binding is hand stitched using a blind hem stitch for an invisible finish. The quilt is pre-washed giving it a beautiful and soft crinkled look. 
Quilt measures approx 40x40. 

modern baby quilt

modern baby quilt - front

modern baby quilt - back

modern baby quilt
I love the wavy line quilting!

If you are interested just click on the Etsy link to your right and it will take you to my shop.
I love this quilt and it will be hard to part with but, it would make a little girl really happy!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Here it is, Monday again. Not much going on just working on the same projects and since I cleaned the house this weekend I have lot's of time to sew. 
This week I am working on - 

Binding on Stacked Coin
1. Hand stitching the binding on the Stacked Coin quilt. Got lots done this weekend while watching TV. Have about 1/2 of the quilt left to do!

2. Starting to work on my March block for Corey who is a part of our "Sew New To Me VQB" group. I am looking forward to working on her block. It is to be made up of 1/2 square triangles. Figuring this out will be fun!

More Paintbox quilt along squares
3. Sewing up some more of these cute Paintbox Quilt Along squares!

I have a exciting photo to post on Picture Wednesday!

Everybody have a fun week of sewing!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

NJ Quilt Fest

So I have a very good reason for not posting yesterday. I spent all day at the NJ Quilt Fest in Somerset, NJ with my artist friend Cindi. We had a great day looking at all the quilts on display and shopping in the booths. I forgot my camera but really didn't need it. We were both very disappointed in the quilts that were on display. There were only a couple of really good ones that evoked a feeling. Most were just flat and looked the same. The booths were ok. I get really frustrated that you can't find the popular "modern" fabrics at these quilt shows. I did stumble on a couple of cute Japanese prints but that was about it. Even the booths that carried some Amy Butler & Kaffee Fassett had mostly the older patterns (that I have already). And not one booth carried any good solids! It seems like the only place you can find cool fabrics in online. Maybe I should start my own online fabric store????
Here are some photos of the cute fabrics I did find yesterday - 

I am in love with this cute fabric created by Kokka called Trefle. I think I will fussy cut the pieces and frame them for my sewing room.

Love, love, love the jumping frogs also by Kokka.

I have been looking for this fabric for awhile. It's Alexander Henry "Senor Burrito". He is so cute!

So this weekend I will be hand stitching the blind hem on the stacked coin quilt. I have lots of TV taped so I can catch up on my shows!
We also have 2 house showing scheduled for tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed!!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Picture Wednesday 3.03.10

I know, I know, I didn't post on Monday but had a very good reason. I had to clean the house and get ready for the Brokers Open we had on Tuesday. A lot of agents turned out so hopefully they will find some buyers! Keep your fingers cross. 

On to picture Wednesday. My best friend since kindergarden had her second baby on Monday. She had another adorable little boy - Wesley Neil. So of course I had to make her a baby quilt. I also went ahead and made a matching quilt for her 5 year old Clay. Brothers must have matching quilts! I used my Munki Munki Alien fabric. I thought the boys would love it.

Clay's Quilt Front

Baby Quilt Close

I applique the boy's names on the back. Love how they turned out!
Clay's Quilt Back

Wes's Quilt Back

I mailed the quilts out today. Can't wait for her to get them!