Thursday, July 22, 2010

Birthdays, Mermaids & Apples

My Birthday was last weekend. Another year older and a year closer to one of the "big one" birthdays (I am not going to tell you which one). I had a great weekend just hanging out with my husband and family. For my birthday, my husband got me a cake. Just to let you know something about me - I LOVE BIRTHDAY CAKE!! I could eat it every day if I allowed myself too. This year my hubby made it extra special by adding crayon candles! 
Crayon Candles
Birthday Cake YUMM
And yes, the cake tasted as good as it looked!!!

I have been busy working on the Mermaid quilt and finally got the top done this week (this is why there has been no blogging!) I am so excited about this quilt. As you know, I love this fabric and I am so excited about how colorful it has turned out.
Mermaid Quilt Top Finished!
Really happy about the pieced border I decided to add. It give the quilt a little more color, and you know I like a lot of color in my quilts!

I decided to take a quick break on the Mermaid quilt and start a runner for my kitchen counter/bar. It will help brighten up the kitchen and has inspired me to make some new place mats too. Hopefully I can find some more of the apple fabrics.
Apple Table Runner

Last week I went and looked at the new Janome Horizon sewing machine. Of course, I fell in love with it but can't decide if I want to trade in my Janome 6600 for it. I love my 6600 and feel like I will be abandoning it if I trade it in! It is nuts how we become so attached to our machine!! I am going tomorrow to look at the Horizon again. You never know - I just might have a new machine next week!

Happy Sewing


  1. It sounds like you had a great birthday! Your mermaid quilt is gorgeous! I cannot wait to see it in person. It looks big too! I like the apples too!

  2. I love the border you put on this! Happy belated birthday too :)