Friday, July 9, 2010

Ready for Football Season!

The orange and white quilt is finished and ready for Tennessee Football season!
And since I took the process pledge, here is how it all happened....

I have been wanting to make an Orange & White quilt since I started quilting. Both me and my husband are from East Tennessee so we were raised on Tennessee Football. My husband also graduated from UT so he is more of a football fanatic than I am!

I started collecting different Orange & White fabrics and they sat around for a while. I was waiting for just the right pattern to come along. Then I ran across a great tutorial from Oh, Fransson! called a Crazy Nine Patch Lattice Quilt and I knew it would be perfect. I wanted the quilt to be bigger so I added more rows! I started making my blocks which were really easy.

Orange & White Crazy 9 patch blocks

Once the blocks were made I had to decided on which solid color to use. You are probably wondering why I didn't use White?? I have 2 Black & White dogs and a Dark Gray cat who love my quilts so White is not an option for me to use (unless I want to wash them all the time!). I decided on going with a Khaki color to help tone down all the Orange. I went with Kona in Stone. I love this color - it goes great with everything.

Then I started piecing the top. 

Crazy Nine Patch

Of course that is when we moved so everything had to be boxed up! After the move I finished the top which was also very easy to put together and started designing the back. 


I wanted the back to be very simple so I used the Kona Stone and did a Orange & White "Wonky Stacked Coin" on the back. 


I also like very simple quilting so I decided to do random diagonal across the quilt. For the binding I just pieced together the left overs of the Orange & White fabric. I finished hand stitching the binding while I was home in TN. Very fitting! This has now become my favorite quilt.


Now on to my next project!


  1. I may not be a football fan but I am a huge fan of this quilt! It's gorgeous!

  2. That is an awesome quilt!
    Funny thing, but I read your title in my blogger and saw and orange picture, and right away (being Dutch and all) thought that someone from Tennessee was watching the world cup soccer (voetbal/football) and was making a quilt in Dutch colours for the finals!
    I know nothing about American football, but I do know that I LOVE this quilt. I have to make a quilt for my daughter sometime in the near future, and think that this might just be the pattern to use!

  3. No wonder it's your favourite. It is just lovely.

  4. That came out great!! Do you need it monogrammed?

  5. Kim, it looks beautiful! I can see why it's your favorite; it's wonderful!

  6. Thanks for the comments! I do love this quilt.

    Denielle - I might have you monogram me a label for this quilt!

  7. love love love this! I hope to finish (aka start) my orange quilt

  8. Hi there! I am looking for fabric to make a UT dress for football season and am having a terrible time finding fabric! Where did you get all your fabrics??