Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yes. I am a slacker!

I was just looking at the date of my last post and I can't believe how long it has been. I know. I am a slacker. But just because I haven't posted anything doesn't mean I haven't been busy. As most of you know we are trying to sell our house so we can move to Fort Worth, TX. The hubby is already there and started his new job. We have been getting a lot of showings on the house but no offers yet. Please keep your fingers crossed that it happens soon. I would love to move before Christmas!

So what have I been up to for the past month other than keeping my house really clean ( the sewing room has been the hardest as I love to have my fabric scattered around me).....

#1 - I finished the baby quilt for my friend Reagan. I gave it to her last week and she loved it. I got so use to it being in my sewing room that I almost didn't want to give it away.

Reagans Baby Quilt
Such happy colors for her baby girl!

Reagans Baby Quilt Back
The back is done in my two favorite colors, Pink & Orange.

Reagans Baby Quilt
I just love the way a pieced binding looks.

#2 - I did my 2 blocks for Heather for our Virtual Quilting Bee (which is a lot of fun! I will post Nov. blocks as soon as Mary receives them). I love the fabric Heather sent for us to use and her completed quilt is going to be beautiful!

Sew new to me quilting bee - Blocks for Heather 1

Sew new to me quilting bee - Blocks for Heather 2

#3 - I made a mini quilt for "comfortstitching" for the HR mini quilt swap. I also included a quilt little key chain pouch. I love the way this one turned out. I used some of my favorite fabrics.

HR Mini Quilt

#4 - I finished piecing & quilted my Moda Arcadia quilt. The binding has been sewn on and is currently being blind stitched. I should have this one completed this weekend.

Moda Arcadia Quilt
Here is a sneak peek!

Whew! I am tired. Maybe I shouldn't wait so long to write a post!
Now I get to start on Christmas present. I just got a great idea today but I can't tell you!!

For your enjoyment, here is a photo of our little Tater who brings smiles to my face every day!



  1. Wow lots of finishes!!! Well done! I hope to have a few of my WIPs done by the end of Dec too! I LOVE seeing a finished quilt =)
    Tater is a cutie, just had to add that~

  2. I'm not much of a quilter, tho I'm tempted just for kicks, but I gotta say this one you made at the top of this post is absolutely the worlds cutest quilt I've ever seen! It's gorg. No wonder you didn't want to remove it from your sewing room. so glad I stumbled past your blog, I'm inspired, now if I could just find the time!