Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Picture Wednesday - Addicted to Hexagons!

Yes, I am now addicted to making Hexagons! Thanks Texas Freckles and everyone else in the quilting/blogging world that kept talking about how easy it was. I blame all of you for this new addiction! 


They are so much fun to make! It is the perfect project to work on while you watch TV. I have made about 40 of these little beauties so far and have a lot more cut out. 

It's amazing how much cuter the fabric looks when it is in a hexagon shape!


I want to make a lap quilt and with good timing, Melanie at Texas Freckles is starting a hexagon charm piece-a-long.

This will be a long project! I think I am going to go about it in "blocks". Make a 7hex x 7 hex block and then put them together. Hopefully this will make the project seem less "big".


I almost have my first row stitched together!
I will keep posting my progress on this quilt.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Now go out and drink some green beer!

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